New discoveries every day
Zen looks far and wide for content and presents it in an endless feed of content to inform, intrigue, and inspire you.
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Yandex Browser with Zen
Interesting articles, news, and videos — all in one personal feed on your browser's start page for your computer and mobile devices.
Yandex Launcher with Zen
Adapt your Android phone to fit your style and fill it with interesting content from all over the internet.
Zen learns what interests you
As you look through your suggestions, Zen asks whether you'd like to see more of such content in your feed. Using your answers, the AI technology powering Zen continuously improves your feed. The more you give Zen your opinion, the better Zen learns what really catches your interest.
Broaden your horizons with Zen
Based on your browsing habits, Zen sets out in search of new topics of interest, adding intriguing articles, photo galleries, and video to your feed, and leading you to discoveries you wouldn't have made on your own.
The feed that never stops improving
Zen analyzes your browser history, notices which suggestions catch your attention and, using your feedback, refines its recommendations with ever-increasing accuracy.